Pu Luang Ka Forest Park

Pu Luang Ka

Pu Luang Ka is located less than 50km south east of Chiang Kham in Phayao Province on route 1148.  The best and only place to stay is Pu Luang Ka Resort where there are basic  bungalows and a camping area overlooking the valley where the sea of fog rolls in early in the morning. You can order food from the kitchen and there is an eating area but the food is all Thai. This resort is really only used by Thai's and not westerners.

The red sunsets and early morning sunrise with a carpet of fog in the valley below is an amazing sight.

On the way to Pu Laung Ka Resort, at Pha Chang Noi, you can hire a 4WD with driver that can take you up the other side of  the mountain to see Doi Phunom, Doi Phu Luang Ka and LanHinlanpe. The sealed road starts at the Thai Lua Cultural Centre and becomes a very rough track travelling at the top end but well worth the view.

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